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The Grand Duchy of The Lagoan Isles


Facts & Figures

Governmental Facts

Head of State: H.R.H. Grand Duke Louis Robert Harold Stephenson of The Lagoan Isles
Prime Minister: Rt. Hon. Lee J Churchill MLP
Capital: Beeney St. Georges
National Day: 16th August (date of liberation)
Legal System: Based on Common British law
Executive Branch: Consitutional Monrachy with council of ministers recommended by the Prime minister and elected by the Grand Duke. The privy council advises the royal family on political issuses, and is formed of four retired MLP's, chosen by the head of state.

Geographical Facts
Location: Lying south of Tangier Road in Portsmouth, England the pond covers two and a half acres, with The Isles situated in the middle.
Grid Reference: SU 6601-63
Climate: modified continental with mild winters, cool summers
Terrain: mostly gently rolling uplands with broad, shallow valleys
Natural Hazards: flooding
Environmental Issues: Current water pollution around shores, due to botulism and littering from the British mainland.

Population Facts
Number of citizens (as stands): 30
Age structure: 0-16 yrs = 8% 16-30 yrs = 66% 30-50 yrs = 15% 50+ yrs = 10%
Population growth: 75% (based on 2006 report)
Birthrate: 0
Nationality: noun - Lagoan(s) adjective - Lagoa
Ethnic Groups: British, Hong Kongian, American
Religion: Protestant = 53%, Roman Catholic = 6%, Agnostic = 22%, Atheist = 15%, Hindu = 3%
Language: English (official), Lagoan (regional)
Literacy: 100% by the age of 16

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